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Free speed is a gain in performance that doesn't take any additional training effort.  It's there right now, waiting to be tapped.

Paul Swift above right

Rolla bike specialist, Casey LaFran, is BikeFit certified by Paul Swift, 8-time US National Champion in track cycling, and founder of the current leading bicycle fitting system. 

A performance bike fit from Rolla is a 2-3 hour process of fitting your bike to you. We use experience and the latest equipment to put you, the rider, in the optimal riding position for comfort, efficiency, and speed.  Enjoyment goes up.  Risk of injury goes down.  

Even advanced riders who've been refining their geometry for years have benefited from a performance bike fit from Rolla.

Knee alignment attained through a number of micro adjustments to cleat, pedal, and saddle position.

Knee alignment attained through a number of micro adjustments to cleat, pedal, and saddle position.

If you're training for competition, your first century, or have been slowed down by pain on the bike, contact us for more info on what a bike fit can do for you, schedule an appointment.

What others are saying

If you’re interested in getting the most power, efficiency and comfort out of your bike, I highly recommend a bike fit with Casey. After my fit with Casey I felt like I had a brand new bike. I definitely gained a whole new level oneness with my bike and the improvement in performance was very noticeable.
— Ross Y.
I felt more ‘part’ of the bike. I used to feel I was riding a ‘big’ bike; now I feel very much like I fit on this bike. I noticed there is less anxiety in dropping to the lower bars as well as reaching for water bottles (which sometimes felt tenuous). Pedaling feels like I’m putting more power into the bike.
— Ken Q.


Serving Seattle at three convenient locations.  Schedule now, or contact us for more info.


Breathe Hot Yoga

2230 8th Ave.

Seattle, WA  98121


Breathe Yoga street view

Breathe Yoga street view


Union Pilates

2712 Eastlake Ave. E.

Seattle, WA 98102


Union Pilates street storefront

Union Pilates street storefront


Oxbox Gym

717 4th Ave

Seattle, WA 98104


Oxbox Gym street view

Oxbox Gym street view