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Custom Fit - Locally Built

Rolla builds and customizes bikes for road racing, triathlon/pursuit, track, fix gear riding, touring, and commuting in all conditions.  Each bike is tailored to the individual's unique measurements, type of riding, budget, and personal taste.  Each bike is unique, unlike anything you'll find in stores. 

Former Seattle bike messenger Roy W. on a custom aluminum and carbon road bike. Campagnolo Record group and robust, hand-built, tubular wheelset.

"I was apprehensive about ordering a custom bike but wanted to do it right. Casey took the time to get to know me and exactly what I wanted.  He went to work and in a few weeks it was ready.   Holy shit!  Better and cooler than I imagined.  He took plenty of time to dial in the fit.  I loved it.  The fit, the feel, the look, everything.  Thank you Casey for reminding me how much fun it is to ride again!"

      -Suze C.

Full time mom and owner of Via Yoga, Suze wanted the best lightweight road bike on a budget.  She also wanted it to stand out, and be easy to ride... something tough enough to thrash on around the city, but also light and fast enough to out-ride her boyfriend.  We gave her a plush riding position and compact gearing to make it a joy to ride, even over Seattle's hills.


 Want to take an active role in the creation of your new bike?  Or do you already have something started and need some help?  Talk to us.  Bring us your project. We're here to help.

Ashley's custom-built road bike for going anywhere.  Beautifully hand crafted titanium frame, custom paint, and a tailored saddle by Koobi. We used a complete Ultegra group, handbuilt wheels, Ultegra hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro rims with DT Swiss butted spokes.  Lightweight and super strong kevlar tire liners, along with a few other hidden tricks make this bike a wolf in sheep's clothes. 


 "Both my racing bike and training bike were built by Casey and have performed flawlessly. . . in some pretty rough conditions, too. The worst was during the 2010 racing season on a 227-mile Brevet.  Weather was extreme.  Rode the training bike hard and fast with a group of seasoned randos through pouring rain, rough roads, and never a single issue with the bike. "

Tony F.

Brilliant Reynolds 853 steel frame and Ultegra group for training and hard core randonneuring. Built with love for Tony, by Rolla.

Tony got into road racing through the back door of triathlon, and wanted a racing bike that would excel in any event.  We started with a Cervelo S3 frame for lightweight aerodynamics, and built it up with high end components for maximum comfort and speed.


"I was stuck in a pinch for my upcoming trip to Norway... I needed a gear list and advice on what I'd need to deal with the conditions throughout the coastal fjords. Oh yeah, I also needed a MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! In a very short time, Casey was able to supply, advise and build everything I would need. It made this epic adventure something very special and a success. If you're trying to do the impossible, you want Casey in your corner!"    

-Mike H.

Based on everything he told us about the upcoming tour, we decided on a hardtail with hand built wheels for Mike's epic 2-week stint in Norway.  Here he is warming it up on the streets of Seattle.  

Based on his size, strength, and everything he told us about the upcoming tour, we decided on a hardtail with hand built wheels for Mike's epic 2-week stint in Norway. Here he is warming her up on the streets of Seattle.  


If you're considering getting a new bike and interested in the many added benefits of going custom, contact us to get started or for more info.