Rolla Cycling


Coaching, fitting, group rides, and resources for intelligent and gutsy pursuit of speed.

coach casey seattle

Rolla is an independent bike shop that offers a more personal approach to purchasing and upgrading bikes, as well as comprehensive training and support.

Rolla was founded by Casey LaFran out of a passion for riding two wheels and desire to share his knowledge with the community.

coach casey

Casey has been building bikes since 2000.  He is BikeFit certified and taught by Paul Swift, 8-time US National Champion in track cycling. At an early age, Casey excelled in endurance sports, and over the years, learned the lessons of successful training and competing the hard way. 

He led his high school and college cross country and track teams to first place finishes, and led winning teams in local ultra-distance events like the Ragnar Relay and Rainier to Pacific. He's competed in the top of his division in several triathlons, from sprints to 70.3 Iron distance.