Winter Strength Training Series



Faster. Leaner. Stronger.

Finally a strength class for cyclists, triathletes, and adventure athletes. 

  • Increase power on hills
  • Develop crucial core strength for speed and comfort
  • Work your stabilizers for injury prevention and control
  • Burn off that holiday excess
  • Get tailored workouts to do on your own

This program is designed to do one thing above all else: increase maximum sustained power on the bike.  First we'll build total body strength to prepare the body for heavier weights to come. Then we'll use a heavy weight/ low-reps protocol to recruit more muscle fibers without putting on extra pounds.  

All movements are offered with entry level modifications and advanced options for every level and skill set.

If you intend to do multiple events this spring and summer, this class is for you.

  • 12-week series runs Nov. 9 - Feb. 1
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 7:30 - 8:30 PM
  • Located in Columbia City neighborhood, Seattle
  • No class on Thanksgiving, or the week of Christmas

Plus, you'll get detailed workouts to do on your own,  and the option to track your workouts and progress in an online training calendar and app.

This series only happens once a year and space is limited!


$299 - for 12 weeks of small group, personalized instruction


What kind of classes are these? 

Indoor functional strength training, using free weights, kettle bells, plyometrics, and body weight resistance. We focus on developing muscles and stamina for cycling, which transfer well to hikers, climbers, mountaineers, skiers and snowboarders.

Where's the class exactly?

Located on the edge of historical Columbia City, at the corner of Rainier and Alaska, across the street from Genese Park. MAP

Who's instructing?

USAT-certified coach Casey LaFran, avid cyclist, triathlete, mountain biker, and life-long outdoor adventurist. 

Do I need any equipment to do the series?

No bike required. All equipment is on site. Just bring your self, and some water.

What if I can only do one day a week? 

Just pay the drop-in rate of $16 per class each time you come.

What kind of skills/experience do I need?

This series works well for people of all abilities.  No special skills required. All movements will have an option for newbies and more challenging modifications for advanced athletes. If you're unsure, contact me directly using the CONTACT tab at top.

What do you mean by "periodized strength training"?

It's a program that builds power in stages that correspond to the cycling season. This 12-week program utilizes three 4-week periods, each with a specific goal. Each period builds upon the last, creating a foundation for your best season yet.