Think you don't have enough time to train the way you want to?

Have you ever said "I know what I need to do, I just need to do it."

Have you enjoyed some success but find yourself struggling with energy, injury, or motivation?


You're not alone.

The problem is not lack of time, or  willpower. The answer lies in training smarter, not harder.

Most of us are not professional athletes. We don't have unlimited time and money for sport. We have careers, families, and a social life. The little free time we have is precious. We want to make it count. 

Unfortunately most people are spinning their wheels when it comes to their training--a lot of time without a lot of benefit.  I know because I made a lot of these same mistakes. They strive for more miles, more hills, more time in the gym... Their training schedule, if they have one, is planned in their head. Workouts default to what others are doing. And it works...for a while.  Then there are setbacks. An injury. An event they couldn't finish. Loss of motivation. Illness. A run-down feeling....while the rest of the field seems to be moving by.

It's good to have a plan

Training smart is fun, organized, and each workout has a purpose. There's motivation, accountability, and a clear path to where you want to go.

Most importantly there's a plan, a proven system, and support.

Coaching is not just for professional athletes. The tools and methods work equally well for those looking to get back in shape after time off, who've struggled to stay motivated, are short on time, or haven't got the results they wanted doing it on their own.

...and if you are competing, racing, or have a challenging event coming up, a coaching program will make all the difference in getting you to peak at exactly the right time.

Peaking is an elusive state not many truly experience.

It's a period of peak physical fitness, a heightened sense of prowess, when you have your best performances. It only comes with the right training, knowing how hard to push and for how long. That's what I do, take the guesswork out of training so you can focus on other things.

Have you struggled with your training?

When I hear someone say "I can never stick to my training," they believe the problem is with them.  Really the problem is the training they think they need to do doesn't match them--their ability, goals, and where they're at in the season. 

The plan that's right for you is not a one-size-fits-all program from a magazine. The right plan for you is 100% customized and personalized for your goals, your abilities, and the unique challenges of your life schedule. 

I'm here to help

If there's one thing my clients say makes a difference in their training, it's support. Having a professional provide guidance, answer questions, track progress, keep them motivated and hold them accountable.

For some, they're finally sticking to a workout program, one that's sustainable and effective.

For others, they're not spending more time training than before, they're just getting more out of their training--more enjoyment and better results. They have a newfound enjoyment for their sport. And are kicking themselves for not getting a coach sooner. 

A complete coaching experience

Whether you’re training to beat your personal best from last year, finish an Ironman, or any other milestone, you’re embarking on a challenging mission. This is mycomplete program, designed to enhance your physical and mental performance, and have fun doing it. With detailed instructions, a tailored plan and custom workouts, you’ll get professional guidance on training, nutrition, and get to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

This program is for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, and gives you everything you need to optimize your body, mind and health, including:

  • Complete training program with detailed daily workout descriptions,  research-proven workout efficiency strategies, written around your life schedule. All workouts are delivered via easy-to-access platform that lets you sync your workouts to your calendar, phone, e-reader and computer.
  • Progressive nutrition plan. Start simple, making changes one week at a time, building healthy habits to last a lifetime.
  • Initial 60 minute one-on-one phone consult, followed up with unlimited e-mail and phone support, including messaging to answer your questions, keep you on track, and provide full support at any time.
  • In-person meeting each month

But the real thing you're getting is a decade of experience...many mistakes made, secrets learned, and that experience going to work for you. 

What does a coaching program look like?

It starts with a face-to-face consult to find out about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and typical schedule.

From there I build a training program unique to you, designed to get the most out of your limited time, using the resources available to you. Already belong to a gym?  Great! Have a favorite spin class right next to work? Excellent.  On a budget with limited resources? That's fine, too. Your workouts will be designed so you can do them when and where you like.

You'll get enough detail and guidance to do workouts on your own. The workouts are delivered through a modern, intuitive platform accessible from home on a tablet, on a computer at work, or mobile device. Changes are saved instantly and synced across all, so you always know what your workouts are, and never have to log an activity twice. 

We'll meet monthly, to check in and track progress. You'll get weekly messages from me on your training. Occasionally we'll meet to go over a workout one-on-one. It might be on the open road, at your fitness center, or at my training facility in Seattle. I also lead workout classes, group rides, and have a full service bike shop and fitting studio to make sure we're getting the most out of your equipment.


Find out how a coach can elevate your performance, confidence, and joy.