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It's good to have a plan.

A coaching meeting with Casey LaFran will give you a strategy for the season, one based on your specific strengths, lifestyle, and goals.  Having a plan focuses your limited time and resources on activity that yields the greatest results, and puts you on a clear path to achieving what may seem impossible at the present moment.

Casey specializes in cycling, running, triathlon, and high octane endurance events.  

Call or email Casey to ask about what a personalized coaching plan might look like for you.

If you already have a good training plan, or are just winging it, but want to get more out of your workouts, check out the personal training page.


I trust Casey’s coaching to help me achieve my goal of finishing an Ironman at age 60. His knowledge of nutrition, training planning, the individual disciplines and ability to help with my mental toughness make all the difference in my preparation. I really appreciate his patience, inspiration and experience.
— Janet S.

Janet learning to sight the apex of the turn on a fast decent.